Create Me Time Now!

You’re tired of feeling exhausted and never having any personal time for yourself.

There just isn’t enough time to get everything done. It’s so hard to find the right balance between motherhood, your relationship, and your own individual needs. It feels like no matter how much you juggle, you are still behind. Even worse, nothing seems to get done the way you’d like it to.

You worry that you aren’t spending enough quality time with the kids. When you’re with them your mind is preoccupied on things you still need to do. You have a hard time focusing and it feels like your attention is constantly split. 

You know you need some downtime, but you feel guilty for taking time for yourself when everything else isn’t done. You fear that your kids may feel less loved or attended to when you are away. It just seems easier to skip prioritizing yourself and drop your personal time for the sake of getting something else done. 

Somewhere along the way you lost yourself and you wonder who you are outside of “the mom of…”, “the wife of…?” You want some time for yourself to focus on doing things you enjoy so you can feel like yourself again.

What if making yourself a priority and finding time for yourself didn’t have to be so hard?​

Imagine you’ve got more energy and drive than you’ve felt in years. You have enough time to recharge and tackle that never ending to-do list. You meet your ideal balance in your role as a mom, partner and individual. Best of all you can enjoy spending quality time with your family.  

Having dedicated blocks of time to yourself feels so good and you can do what you enjoy! You now have time where you can just be you and focus on anything you want, whether that’s developing new skills, taking a class, going for a walk or meeting with some friends. It feels so good to take care of you and your needs!

You feel so much more connected to your kids because when you are with them, you are actually present and focused. You no longer feel guilty for taking time out because you can see the benefits it’s providing the whole family and how you feel about yourself. You feel more calm, patient and available to handle whatever life throws your way. You finally feel like you’re doing a good job! Your kids are happy because now mommy is happy and well it’s true what they say, “a happy wife and a happy life.” 

How would it feel to:

  • Look at your calendar and see regular scheduled blocks of time just for you?
  • Sit down at a coffee shop and laugh with your friends?
  • Attend that yoga class you have been dying to try?
  • Actually have time to connect with your partner without the kids around?
  • Come home rested and refreshed and have the energy for focused play with your kids?

You CAN do it... and I can help!

Hi, I am Sanaz.

I’m a life coach for moms who don’t have enough time to focus on themselves. They feel exhausted trying to balance it all and feel like they’ve lost themselves along the way and are having a hard time making themselves a priority. I help them focus on what matters most so they can carve out time for themselves to do things that bring them joy helping them feel like a happier and more present mom.

Sanaz Rasouli

Certified in Life Coaching & Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

As a result of working with me you’ll:

Learn how to prioritize so you can have consistent time for yourself. 

Feel more present when you are with your family so you can have more quality time together. 

Stop feeling guilty so you can actually enjoy taking the time for you.

Feel relaxed and recharged so you can focus and tackle everything else.

Honor yourself so you never end up at the bottom of your own to do list.

Create Me Time Now! Includes:

1. Discover Your Time Leaks Assessment

This assessment will help you get clear on how you're currently spending your time and identify any possible time leaks. This is the first step towards freeing up your busy schedule and will greatly improve our time together so we can get right to it!

2. Create Me Time Now: A 90-Min Strategy Session

In this 90-minute video session you’ll get clarity on where your time is going and identify any time and energy leaks that exist. You’ll learn how to prioritize your day so that your high value items get scheduled first. You’ll learn to ask for and receive help so you can build a support system you can rely on. By the end of our session you’ll feel empowered to honor yourself and your needs by always scheduling your me-time in so you can perform at your best. You’ll go from feeling guilty to feeling grateful for making time for yourself.

3. Prioritize and Make the Ask Tools

You’ll receive worksheets designed to help you identify which tasks to prioritize first and learn how to focus on what’s most important and say no to the rest. You’ll learn how to create clear boundaries so you no longer short change yourself or end up at the bottom of your own to-do list.  You’ll also learn to use communication strategies that will be key in helping you communicate your needs and how to create a support system so that you can comfortably make the ask and receive help. After the call you’ll receive a video recording and personalized notes from our session.

Let’s Fine Tune

Two weeks later we’ll have a 30 minute check-in to see how you’re doing. We’ll review what’s working and what’s not and make any adjustments you need so you can always prioritize yourself and build a consistent window of time just for you. After completing Make Yourself A Priority and Create Me Time Now! you’ll have all of the tools and awareness you need to create a schedule you are in control of and one that supports your wellbeing so you can have more time to recharge and do what brings you joy, so you can be more present with your family and be the best mom you can be!

Investment: $99USD

Ready to enjoy some time to yourself?


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Book your preferred date for your Create Me Time Everyday strategy session in the calendar below. Please note that you will need a minimum of one week to complete the Discover Your Time Leaks Assessment prior to meeting with me. I usually suggest that you book your session two weeks in advance of the current date.

Payment & Work On Assessment

Within 24 hours of booking your session, you’ll receive a confirmation email from me with instructions on how to make your payment. Once payment has been received, you will receive your Discover Your Time Leaks Assessment package. This assessment needs a week of observation on your part. This information will greatly help us during our strategy session. It is important that you complete this assessment as well as you can. Once your assessment is complete you will email me your completed assessment. This needs to be completed two days prior to your scheduled session.

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